Invisalign vs Braces

Invisalign Braces Epping Sydney HornsbyBenefits of Invisalign

  • Quick and precise
  • Invisible – plastic aligners are transparent and nearly invisible
  • Hygienic and Clean–keeping your teeth clean is much easier with removable Invisalign aligners than braces.
  • Advanced Technology– custom designed trays are made especially for your own teeth using CAD-CAM technology.
  • Eat what you like – As you remove the trays during meals, you are free to eat the foods you would normally enjoy.
  • No brackets or wires – Without the brackets and wires associated with traditional orthodontics, your smile is allowed to shine through.
  • Not bulky – Your speech, although needing a day or so to adjust, will hardly be affected, if at all.
  • Affordable and effective – The cost of Invisalign® at Rawson Dental and The Dentists Hornsby is very reasonable relative to that of other available braces.


  • Invisalign: A course of invisible aligners that can be taken out as you like,  to straighten your teeth without wires or brackets.
  • Braces: Immovable braces use wires and metal brackets to maneuver your teeth into their correct alignment

Treatment Process

  • Invisalign: Gives a clear, structured and virtual treatment schedule from beginning to end
  • Braces:  Although your dentist constructs a specific treatment timeline, you will not know or see what your teeth will look like throughout and post treatment.


  • Invisalign: Practically invisible when worn.
  • Braces:  Most braces are clearly visible during the treatment period.


  • Invisalign: Removable during treatment, soft plastic aligners do not irritate or hurt gums.
  • Braces:  Metal wires and brackets often cause irritation and nicks.

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